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Review: The Skripal Files by Mark Urban The Integrity Initiative Fri, 12/21/2018 - 20:57

The name Sergei Skripal was not widely known before the 4 March 2018. Skripal’s name had appeared in some newspaper articles as the subject of a prisoner exchange with Russia in 2010. Mark Urban’s recently published The Skripal Files aims to describe the ex-GRU officer’s life and put the events of March 2018 into context. Urban, a respected BBC journalist with much experience in defence and security matters, was in the fortuitous position of having interviewed Skripal many months before his unfortunate poisoning. For the record, I have met Mr.


The social and economic impact of chemical weapons attacks

The use of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) weapons by terrorists has long been considered a credible danger. For a long time, it was difficult to draw broad conclusions from the relatively rare occurrences of such acts using CBRN materials. The Tokyo subway incident (1995), the Anthrax incidents in the USA (2001), the Litvinenko poisoning (2006), and the Salisbury nerve agent incidents (2018) give us some basis to draw broader conclusions as to the overall impact that such events have on communities and society.


“Military grade” nerve agent – what does it mean?

The phrase “military grade” keeps coming up when talking about chemical warfare materials. The last few years have seen repeated use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, where the vast majority of instances are war crimes committed by the Syrian state, as well as the unfortunate acts of Russian chemical terrorism in and around Salisbury in England.


Sergei Skripal case: Why we should boycott the World Cup

Sergei Skripal Sanctions: Why Neither the England Team nor England Fans Should Go To the World Cup in Russia The UK Government has announced that no members of the Royal Family will attend this summer’s football World Cup in Russia. There is a strong case for saying that neither the England team should take part in the Competition, nor for English fans go to Russia to watch the Tournament.
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