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The Russian agent who connects escalation in South Ossetia with the downing of MH17 via Germany

The following is about one man, and how this man, while serving Russia’s foreign intelligence agency GRU, became a key figure for both Russia’s military sector and Putin’s disinformation system. It is also a story about how smoothly Putin’s regime trains, positions and promotes talented and committed people to make sure they are always in the best place to apply their skills. If they have more than one talent or ability, they are given a second or even a third identity, so they can live several different lives in parallel.


The Tainted World Cup

Just over a month before the football World Cup begins in Russia, the Russian Football Federation has been fined by the international governing body, FIFA, for racist chants at an international friendly match between Russia and France. Despite Russian claims to the contrary, racism remains a serious problem in Russian sport and society.
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