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What lies behind Russian investment in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

In part one of our story on Russian investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we took a look at the history of Russian financial involvement in this country in the Western Balkans, showing that, despite what on the surface looks like a large portfolio of serious investments, Russian investors, be it state-owned companies or private entrepreneurs, hardly stand to profit.


How does the Kremlin influence the Russian diaspora abroad?

The Russian-speaking diaspora abroad is quite numerous in many Western countries and is made up of many different waves of emigration – from descendants of White Russian émigrés to those who are arriving today. However, all these waves are characterized by a fairly high level of support for Vladimir Putin. It's especially surprising to see such sentiments amongst people who emigrated in Soviet times, not so much for economic reasons but rather in search of freedom.

Updated Statement on hacked documents: 4 January, 2019 The Integrity Initiative Sat, 01/12/2019 - 03:27

The latest 'leak' (4 January) of what appear to be more stolen Institute for Statecraft and Integrity Initiative documents includes some that are being fraudulently presented as coming from IfS.

Though investigations continue, we can categorically state that some external documents have been deliberately inserted by hostile actors to mislead the public, and create further confusion and division.

We will make more details available at the earliest possible opportunity.

Review: The Skripal Files by Mark Urban The Integrity Initiative Fri, 12/21/2018 - 20:57

The name Sergei Skripal was not widely known before the 4 March 2018. Skripal’s name had appeared in some newspaper articles as the subject of a prisoner exchange with Russia in 2010. Mark Urban’s recently published The Skripal Files aims to describe the ex-GRU officer’s life and put the events of March 2018 into context. Urban, a respected BBC journalist with much experience in defence and security matters, was in the fortuitous position of having interviewed Skripal many months before his unfortunate poisoning. For the record, I have met Mr.

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