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Russian carrier accident reveals parlous state of infrastructure

Russia's only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, is often presented as the most striking symbol of Russia’s resurgent military power. In the early hours of Tuesday [1 November 2018], the carrier was damaged in a serious accident while undergoing repairs in Murmansk. One worker was killed and four hurt in the dramatic accident, which is being seen as a huge scandal in Russia. The story of everything that went wrong with the carrier in Murmansk shows how there is another side to the Russian military power that is seen as so menacing in the West.

Spain unlikely to inoculate itself against Russian disinfo with cyber security partnership

This is a translation and compilation of a series of tweets on 7 November 2018 by Nicolas de Pedro on the announcement that Spain and Russia would form a group to work on cyber security. It came after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Lavrov's visit to Spain. Aside from the obvious incongruity of trying to partner with possibly the world's biggest cyber threat against cyber threats, Mr de Pedro doubts Spain will gain anything significant. Reproduced with Mr de Pedro's permission.


“Military grade” nerve agent – what does it mean?

The phrase “military grade” keeps coming up when talking about chemical warfare materials. The last few years have seen repeated use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, where the vast majority of instances are war crimes committed by the Syrian state, as well as the unfortunate acts of Russian chemical terrorism in and around Salisbury in England.

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