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Disinformation Begins at Home

There was a joke in Soviet times about a Russian listening to a conversation between an African and an Indian who were discussing the merits of the elephants on their respective continents. Which was stronger, which had the bigger ears, which had the better temperament and so on. After a while, the Russian could stand no more of this and he burst into the conversation by saying, “But the Russian elephant is the biggest elephant of all!”


Germany's friends of the Kremlin "setting the media tone" - Reitschuster

Russian propagandists and agents of influence do not only operate freely in Germany, they even "set the tone" in German media. This is the view of prominent German journalist, author of the book "Putin's Secret War" (‘Putins verdeckter Krieg’), Boris Reitschuster.

He says the Kremlin is now actively using the old intelligence network created by the Stasi in West Germany.


Russian Disinfo Patterns: The Best Defence Is a Good Offence

The infamous 4 D’s of disinformation are the foundation of the Kremlin’s campaign to impact the nature of information in the West. The use of ‘Distract’, by calling all criticism of Russia’s actions “Russophobia”, is particularly prominent, and we take a deeper look at it in this article.

The 4 D’s, as described by DFRLab’s Information Defense Fellow Ben Nimmo, are:


Delusions of freedom: the US far right and the Kremlin

One of the pillars of Putin’s political system is confrontation with the outside world and the search for enemies. His regime conducts "information operations" against the West to try and undermine democracy. The operations are in many ways similar to the propaganda techniques used by the Kremlin inside Russia.


Trolling Part II – The response

Trolling is not fun for the person on the receiving end. How do I get through all of this? Most people do not get this amount of abuse online. I used to get very upset and angry at this kind of thing. Occasionally I still get angry, and I get angry when I see it happening to others. However, I’ve learned to not let it get to me. I’ve never really engaged in the self-examination needed to understand it until I was asked to write this article. Upon reflection, I’ve gained an understanding of how all this stuff works. In addition, I’ve adapted to the environment in several ways.

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