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The Putin regime's plan for the slow destruction of Ukraine The Integrity Initiative Sat, 12/08/2018 - 19:50

This is an edited translation of an article in Spanish published on Agenda Pública/El País. Published with permission.

The original is here.


The Tainted World Cup

Just over a month before the football World Cup begins in Russia, the Russian Football Federation has been fined by the international governing body, FIFA, for racist chants at an international friendly match between Russia and France. Despite Russian claims to the contrary, racism remains a serious problem in Russian sport and society.

Assessing the Putin Junta

It is essential to realise that when dealing with Vladimir Putin and his circle, you are not dealing with politicians, but with hardened men of a secret service or military mindset who believe that they have a mission to make Russia stand out on the world stage; for whom human life is a disposable commodity; who are unaffected by emotions such as compassion; who have become fantastically wealthy in Russia and will do anything to preserve that wealth.
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