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The Integrity Initiative is a non-partisan programme

The Integrity Initiative is a non-partisan programme of The Institute for Statecraft, a non-partisan charity which promotes good governance. The Integrity Initiative looks specifically at the use of disinformation and malign influence to undermine the values of democratic societies.


Statement on Russian media publication of hacked II documents

The Institute for Statecraft is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to education in good governance and to enabling societies to adapt to a rapidly changing world. It conducts research, promotes models of best practice, runs programmes for societal development, and actively challenges threats to social harmony and democratic values. The Institute is financed primarily by grant support to its programmes.
We must teach media literacy in the American school system The Integrity Initiative Fri, 11/23/2018 - 00:54

This article is an opinion piece by a Haley Marie Jacks, a US teacher candidate in the US.

The current supposedly tech-savvy generation of US teens has a horrendous track record in discerning fake news and false information they come across on multiple social media platforms and the internet, studies have found.


Spain unlikely to inoculate itself against Russian disinfo with cyber security partnership

This is a translation and compilation of a series of tweets on 7 November 2018 by Nicolas de Pedro on the announcement that Spain and Russia would form a group to work on cyber security. It came after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Lavrov's visit to Spain. Aside from the obvious incongruity of trying to partner with possibly the world's biggest cyber threat against cyber threats, Mr de Pedro doubts Spain will gain anything significant. Reproduced with Mr de Pedro's permission.

“Military grade” nerve agent – what does it mean? The Integrity Initiative Wed, 10/17/2018 - 18:15

The phrase “military grade” keeps coming up when talking about chemical warfare materials. The last few years have seen repeated use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, where the vast majority of instances are war crimes committed by the Syrian state, as well as the unfortunate acts of Russian chemical terrorism in and around Salisbury in England.


Trolling Part II – The response

Trolling is not fun for the person on the receiving end. How do I get through all of this? Most people do not get this amount of abuse online. I used to get very upset and angry at this kind of thing. Occasionally I still get angry, and I get angry when I see it happening to others. However, I’ve learned to not let it get to me. I’ve never really engaged in the self-examination needed to understand it until I was asked to write this article. Upon reflection, I’ve gained an understanding of how all this stuff works. In addition, I’ve adapted to the environment in several ways.

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